Daddy Vick Germany

Vick Germany - Daddy Vick has been in the SF leather community for over 20 years. She was a member of the Exiles for 19 years. Daddy Vick was President of the SF Dykes on Bikes® Women’s Motorcycle Contingent three times and has been a member of the SF Dykes on Bikes® for 17 years. She was presented with the Pantheon of Leather President’s Award for her role in successfully trademarking “Dykes on Bikes”—a five year fight that went up to the U.S. Supreme Court. Daddy Vick was on the Inter-Club Fund Board (ICF) and the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance Board. She was selected ICF’s ‘Woman of the Year’ three-times. She was programming co-chair for the 2008 Leather Leadership Conference 12. Daddy Vick was also on the organizing committee for a few years for the Leather-Levi Weekend. She was also a co-Leather Grand Marshall along with Peter Fisk. Daddy Vick is also Mama’s SF Dyke Daddy and Mama’s Master Flogger. She is a former titleholder--SF Dyke Daddy 2002. Daddy Vick has judged several contests: Mr. Hayes Valley, Mr. SF Leather, SF Daddy, SF boy, Northern California Sir/boy, Mr. and Ms. Alameda County Leather (2 or 3 times), International Ms. Leather, International Ms Bootblack, International Mr Leather and has been the head judge of the Ms SF Leather contest since 2012. Daddy Vick has lent her support to many leather events as well as producing her own fundraising events.


Girl Complex

Complex is a self described petty, black feminist and womanist. A product of their environment, Complex has been able to define what it means to be proud, black, kinky and leather on their own terms. As International Ms. Leather 2017, their title year was dedicated to making sure black girl magic could thrive in all forms, allowing both their tomboy and femme adjacent presentations to be shown fluidly. Pantheon of Leather 2018 Woman of the Year and proud official handler of Pup Luck from Iowa, they have started building a pack of pups that they love called the Unpack Pack. If they have to be embarrassed about something, it is that their girl Vivian belongs to them as well. They maintain a hard stance against false allies and anyone else who "perps the fraud", that is old people speak for “they have no time for fake ones”. You can catch them sunbathing and listening to Yacht Rock, or watching anime in Oakland, CA, or you can lowkey stalk their Instagram (Girl_Complex), Twitter (IMsL2017), and/or on Facebook (Girl Complex).

Jay Harcourt

Active in the San Francisco community for nearly 2 decades, Jay served as Mr. Hayes Valley Leather 2005. He has produced both the Mr. San Francisco Leather Contest and the Mr. Hayes Valley Leather Contest, and was a member of the Local Organizing Committee for the Leather Leadership Conference 12 here in San Francisco. He has served as Tallymaster for Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL), and International Mister Leather (IML), and as a judge at MAL and American Brotherhood Weekend (ABW), and has been on the contest staff for MAL since 2012. Jay is married to his husband Ryan and enjoys being a mentor—“Daddy Ginger,” to a few special boys in our new generation of kinksters. He is an active volunteer for LDG and currently serves on the Board of the Imperial Council of San Francisco.



Victoria has been an avid student of all things leather for more than twenty years.

First as a girl (the service sub kind), and then as a slave for many years (some of them collared), and now as a Ma'am to *the* best boy.

Early in her journey she demo bottomed as much as she could, and volunteered behind the scenes for leather clubs including the Alameda County Leather Corps. She later became a member of Exiles, MAsT-Alameda, and MAsT San Francisco.  She believes in the magic and the mystery of obedience coupled with devoted service, and one of her most cherished memories is serving as a house submissive for the brief-lived San Francisco Leather Service Salon.

Now focused on domestic pursuits, she spends her time feathering the nest she shares with her boy, a human teenager, and a variety of furkids in East Oakland. She remains a fan of excellent service.


Meryl started playing privately in 1985, joined the San Francisco scene in 1987 as a member of the Outcasts. They played at the Shotwell House and cheered on the crowning of the first IMsL. Moved to Colorado, was active in COLLAR (Colorado Leather Lesbian/Ladies Alternative Resource) and Denver WICK'D (Women in Control of Kink and Domination).  They returned to the Bay Area, was a collared submissive to Ms. Domina and have helped with The Frugal Domme for the last 10 years. Meryl joined the San Francisco Exiles in 2007 and currently serves as the Membership Officer. They began attending Ms. SF Leather Contest in 2009.  A Queer Top, Dominant, and Daddy area living in the North Bay Area. Scholar of religion by day, loves impact play and ritual by night (and any other time!).

2017 Zane


Zane, the artist formerly known as Azalea, is a femme trans guy who is madly in love with San Francisco. They were Ms San Francisco 2017, which is getting more amusing to tell people the further along in transition he gets. He hopes to get totes swole, bro, and looks forward to becoming a musclecub. Nothing makes sense anymore, everything is in flux, and really they just want to be happy and help other people be happy too. ...Ice cream and cuddle?

Nyna Kaiser - "The Mean Lady"

She has been involved in the public leather community beginning with SF Outcast Membership in 1986, but privately for years. While living in the SF Bay Area, she was a member of Outcast until she moved to the East Bay, in 2002 she was Ms Alameda County Leather.  She continued as a member of the ACLC board for 10 of the past 15 years, serving as President three times, treasurer, education/member coordinator, contest producer and judge. She is currently the treasurer of ACLC and an associate member the Golden Gate Guards. She received ACLC Member of Year in 2018. She was the SF Pride Leather Marshall in 2009, and is a member of MaMa’s Family.  She is honored to have received the Philip Turner Award from the ICF. She presented on panels at Women of Drummer and Leather Leadership Conferences in 2018. She is also a member of Alexander Hamilton Post 448, and a USN veteran.

Her passions include having fun, working and being a health advocate for friends in the leather community and supporting those in need of resources or education.  Sometimes helping friends with care at home, during hospitalization, or advice. If she cuts you, she can also suture you back together. Nyna has been working as a home health and hospice nurse since 1984 in California. She worked in SF during the AIDS crisis and is currently working full time as a home health quality nurse. In addition she lives with her BFF who is 93 years young and adult daughter on a working cattle ranch, with 60 cattle, chickens, cats and dog.