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Haley is an indecent indulgent diverse verse and a veritably dapper dyke. She is a self-described leather dyke, who rides the line between Butch and Femme. She originates from California currently hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. She can be found traveling, teaching, and being a bad ass player in the dungeons. 

Haley is the creator of the Wallflower project, which is dedicated to bringing awareness to those on the fringes as well as those who are seeking space in the community. If you see someone wearing one of the wallflower hankies please take a moment and introduce yourself.

Some of her favorite things to discuss, demo and teach are fire play, needles/blood play, rough body play, stomping, cigars and electro play.

Haley currently holds the title of International Ms. Leather 2019. She also held the title of Ms. San Francisco Leather 2018.

Titles / Awards / Recognition

  • International Ms. Leather 2019
  • Ms. San Francisco Leather 2018


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