Contestant – CAITY LYNCH

Picked up by women from Alameda County Leather Corps at the Citadel her first night in San Francisco, Caity Lynch (she/her) immediately found where she belonged in the San Francisco Bay Area leather community.  Proudly originating as a member of Sword and Rose, a pansexual BDSM club in Montana, Caity moved to civilization and has marveled at the opportunities, community, and alleys of SoMa ever since.

Caity is currently the Vice President of ACLC.  She has also served as Judges' boy for the Ms. San Francisco Leather 2019 contest, as well as Auction boy at American Brotherhood Weekend for three years, where she is the 2019 recipient of the Jeff Baxter Outstanding Volunteer Award.  Caity is an Afghanistan War veteran, where she served as an Army officer.  But of all the places she has been, Caity is proudest of the space and authenticity she has found to simply be of service as a boy.

2020 Ms SFL Contestant Caity Lynch

2020 Ms SFL Contestant Tammy

Contestant – TAMMY

Tammy is proud to be the 1​st​ and current Ms. San Francisco Eagle. She enjoys fundraising and volunteering in both the LGBTQ+ and Leather Communities. She started her fundraising as the 1​st​ Woman Co-Chair for The Glide Pride Team. Tammy has been in the Leather community for over 8 years.​ ​She has grown in her skills as not only a bottom/submissive/little/brat and baby bootblack but in her confidence and ability to teach and educate the Leather/Kink community. Tammy is a Party Host at the SF Citadel, a long-standing volunteer at IMsLBB, a member of Society of Janus and The Exiles. She also has long standing ties to the SF Pride community and has designed three award winning floats. Tammy believes in the theory of learn, grow, teach and mentor, but most of all have fun and be safe. But most of all be BRATTY! 

Contestant Sponsored by: SF Eagle

Contestant – LOLA URSULA

Lola Ursula is a fat brown disabled femme dyke who was born and raised in the Bay Area. A self-described “late bloomer” they didn’t begin to deeply explore sexuality, let alone kink, until a tarot reader suggested it in 2016. As a top, she loves encouraging her bottoms to evolve with her as a way to nourish and grow the power we all have within us. Her most unique skill is ASMR topping, which she has claimed as uniquely hers. They revel in taking up space as a fat brown disabled femme and having bottoms express pleasure through very physical responses to her power.  Lola brings their lifelong organizing skills into kink by creating spaces by and for underrepresented communities. For the past 3 years they volunteered with the Dyke March as the Accessibility Coordinator. As the co-creator of Femmes on Top, a play party that centers BIPOC femmes, she continues to build femme4femme community in the Bay Area and beyond. In her spare time, she focuses on being present in the lives of her niblings, learning tarot, and rewatching Brooklyn 99 (as of this bio they’re on their 4th re-watch). 

Contestant Sponsored by: Femmes on Top | UnRuly Social Club | Rich Love

2020 Ms SFL Contestant Lola Ursula


Contestant – WILLOWKAT

Ms. WillowKat is passionate about educating people around equalizing, consent, communication tools, and ethical sluttery. Known for a dynamic style of teaching, performing, and holding ritual space zie is skilled at nurturing and comforting those in need. Zie believes deeply in fostering a sex-positive, nonviolent consent culture based on relationships of true equality.

Ms. WillowKat is a co-creator and lead facilitator of ‘Ethical Slut Presents; Navigating Consent’ classes working with Dossie Easton. Zie is a trained ‘Alive Program’ (a type of non-violent communication and lifestyle) facilitator and has facilitated the topsalive workgroup from its inception. 

Contestant Sponsored by: Navigating Consent

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